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Empee Distilleries Ltd - Grain Alcohol Plant- Hyderabad-AP

Empee Distilleries Limited established a Grain Based Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant at Choutkur, Medak Dist, A P., in the year 2013. This state-of-the art manufacturing facility, with best of the equipments selected from reputed suppliers, has a capacity of 64 Kilo Litres per day. The Plant is designed to have efficient utilisiaton of services like steam, water, power etc, and has a most modern water recycling plant to achieve zero discharge of water. The Plant has built-in flexibility to utilise broken Rice, Maize, Shorghum and Bajra which are abundantly available in the region.

The objective behind this Plant is to provide Extra Neutral Alcohol with better sensory values, much higher than conventional ENA produced from Molasses. Grain ENA is normally preferred for premium IMFL brands and with many multi-national brands setting up their own bottling Units in the country, the ENA produced here is assured of ready market at all times.

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